Landscaping can make you money!

Does landscaping increase the value of your home?

Absolutely!  When buyers are looking at a property, they are looking for signs it has been well cared for.  This must include the yard.  When you are thinking of ways to add ‘curb appeal’, the yard is a potential buyer’s first impression of your property. Landscape design can add thousands of dollars to the equity of a property.

Structural features; pavers, rock walls, ponds, while eye-catching and can pay off in the long run, are not the only way to increase value. Your landscaping budget does not have to be massive to create an impact. You can plan to budget 5% - 10% of your property’s value to spruce up your exterior.  The important thing is to make a good plan and then stick to it.

A mature landscape plan shows home buyers that the trees and shrubs are well-rooted and appropriate for the climate.  The biggest mistake you can make is to add plants haphazardly.  Have you noticed that many people are opting for “staycations”, where they don’t go to work but they don’t travel anywhere either?  This makes investing in yard you are happy to spend time in so much more valuable in a buyer’s eyes.

If you are going to invest in one type of plant, think of trees.  They add interest in all seasons, provide shade and erosion control, act as a wind/dust break and keep adding more value as they get older.  Trees can also create privacy in a gentler way than a rigid fence line. You should consult an Urban Arborist for trees that are suited to your property.  Just like a puppy, you need to be sure that adorable little tree that you plant today is not going to grow into an unruly, irresponsible adult. According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, a sound, mature tree can add from $1,000 to $10,000 to the value of your home.  Don’t forget the benefit the trees provide to the environment as well, producing oxygen and taking carbon dioxide out of the air.  Many homeowners appreciate fruit-producing trees, which can contribute to the self-sustainability that many are looking for.

If you plan to sell within a year, here are some things you should consider doing to get your home ready;

·        Clean up.  Remove the straggly, unproductive branches or even entire shrubberies if they are looking sad.

·        Fertilize your lawn.

·        Invest in some flowers.  A floral display will make a buyer feel the peace and beauty of living in the countryside.

·        Remulch

·        Keep the grass trimmed and the edging done.



Consider this;

Sandy had a house for sale.  It was a good house, on a nice piece of land but had only basic landscaping.  It sat on the market for over a year, although other houses in the same price range were selling.  Logic might suggest that the property was overpriced.  The owners took the property off the market but decided to go ahead with some outside upgrades.  They had a modest, but well-thought out, landscape plan and they hired Pacific Group Developments to do the work.  It turned out beautifully.  Several months after the work was completed, the house once again went on the market.  This time the house received multiple offers within days and sold for above asking price!


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Published 19 September 18 12:05 by SANDY STINSON


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