Building a house ?

I am gathering folks who are the new pioneers in natural building and permaculture design. One of my new favorites is Brandon Bauer. He works for seven ravens in Salt Spring and
learned from the bullock bros. The first people to take permaculture to the next level in our Mediterranean climate. Food forests or permaculture actually works well with small lots, especially if your neighbors are also embracing it and are the sharing type. In the sixties, many thought a communal living situation was the answer, however few actually lasted very long (with a few outstanding exceptions). I attribute this to the fact that we usually want to have the freedom to rule our own lives. Even strata's with common property are difficult but can work. Succession (Things grow when nurture and nature meet) are very exciting and when we get together in a urban situation it is magic! We can build a community based on these principles all we need is 20-40 like minded people, (depending on price point desired) to come and we will build it!

Sandy Stinson
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Published 09 January 15 09:06 by RE/MAX Lake Cowichan


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