Those Dog Days of Summer

Those dog days of Summer are upon us. Thankfully we are getting a little rain for a couple of days as the river is low. The lake has sandy shores that we have not seen 
For years! The salmon are waiting at the mouths of the rivers for the rains to come, but typically they don't run hard until end of Oct to Nov. We have experienced the best weather ever in the Cowichan Valley the past two years. Mild winters with a fair bit of sun, a bit colder perhaps because of those starry nights. I need to bundle up a couple of the more tender plants like my fig and certainly anything like palm trees need some heat via manure and burlap. We are off to tuck in our food forest at mossy banks next week. These ancient gardening methods love the Island climate. I have done three years of them and it takes around four to five years to completely establish a permaculture garden so it is beginning to get very exciting. More on that later. Don't forget that buying Real estate on the coast is best done in winter. You will see how the rains deal with various properties, you will know if you still see beauty through the raindrops! 

Published 30 September 14 04:20 by RE/MAX Lake Cowichan

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