Inter-provincial migration on the rise.

We have not had the pleasure of seeing so many Alberta Plates in quite a few years!  Love seeing the young families come here to our Cowichan Valley
to live while their ‘bread winners’ take advantage of our new improved airport flights in Nanaimo.  Lake Cowichan in particular is offering great family homes at an attractive price range.  I have seen over the years that many people also come here for recreation and end up retiring here, it’s the kind of place you either love or hate and those of us that love it love it fiercely. 
Prior to the 2008 recession BC was booming but for the past 6 years we have seen our young people going to Alberta to find work, Now they are a little more established and are wanting what BC offers.  As long as you have a camp job and free flights it does not present a big hardship to work there and live here.  Now with the LNG plants close to being a reality in Northern BC it will be even easier to to the live/work commute. 
Population growth is the primary driver of the housing market and the out flow of potential home buyers in the past few years has coincided with weakness in the consumer demand.  As of the first quarter of 20124, the flow of inter provincial migration seems to be reversing course and the population growth is trending higher. 
BCREA forecasts that growth in the BC economy will pick-up speed this year and next, allowing BC’s labor market to compete with Alberta and convincing
current residents to stay while pulling other Canadians westward.
After our incredible summer which seemed to last from May right up to the present middle of September, I suspect more people are going to be coming our way, wanting our amazing laid back life style, with the best climate Canada has to offer. 
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Published 17 September 14 04:12 by RE/MAX Lake Cowichan


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