Buying a house in BC in the Winter

This is the best possible time to purchase your home and land on our beautiful Vancouver Island.  You may have heard it rains a little here!
Actually this year we have been crying for a little more rain, our Salmon and Trees need it.  We have enjoyed some of the best weather ever
in 2013, a easy winter, early spring and long hot summer and decent fall.
But if you are going to have water issues, either on the land as soft areas or little creeks or in the house as far as leaks or damaged eaves ect now is the time that that sort of thing is easy to see.  If there is snow you can see if it is staying on the roof thus showing good insulation or if it is quickly melting away. 
With less leaves on the trees you can see if you are going to feel too close to the neighbors as well as it is easier to see the fence lines and the borders of the property. You are more likely to notice any mildew or mold in the house and broken seals in the windows or if the doors work properly or if they swell up.
You are less likely to be caught up in our amazing ‘English Gardens’ and all the young wildlife making everything look better, you will be viewing things at their most bleak, if you like it now you are sure to love it in the spring and summer. 
We do live on the best place on earth.
Sandy Stinson
(250) 749-6000 
Published 06 February 14 10:12 by RE/MAX Lake Cowichan


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