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I have always liked to shop local, as a Realtor it is just good business, what goes around comes around, but it is more than that.  There is something about knowing the people who grow your food.   I love eating seasonal produce, it just plain tastes better!  It is also good to know that you are not getting something with no nutrition because it was picked two weeks ago and that it did not travel a few thousand miles to get here.  
We had a co-op craft store years ago and it was so much fun trading and helping each other with our various art forms, we managed to stay in business for over two years but then I became pregnant and was working full time as well so something had to give, but I remember that as a very interesting
time with great people some of whom are still an important part of my life.  
When I think about what part I can play to ‘change the world’ it usually comes back to just changing myself.  But the one  outward  thing I can do is decide where I will put my money.  If I buy my groceries at Wall Mart I am supporting a huge US corporation who’s ethics are questionable.  If I shop at the local
Farmers Market I am pretty sure I am dealing with people who are just trying to change the world one veggie at a time, organically.
We have become a consumer society no doubt about it but if we ‘consume’ mindfully it is not such a bad thing after all. 
Published 06 February 14 10:11 by RE/MAX Lake Cowichan


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