Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2014

I just received a Xmas card that depicts so many attitudes Right now!

It was a picture of a Nutcracker yelling at a bunch of squirrels who were running around in circles,

"Grab your nuts and RUN' it said!!

This confusion and fear are hurting humanity as much as 'big oil' in a fundamental way.
I have been making a beautiful smelling non toxic cleaner and as I gave some to a friend
indicating it would be safe on his fishing boat his nephew offhandedly said 

"Too late to worry about our oceans"

It's not too late If we don't want It to be!

I want to be pro active and have spent years thinking about small spaces with big gardens. 
 I am almost ready to launch a very exciting project called  'Sandsonian'

Stay tuned in the new year to hear more about this game changing project

Merry Xmas to



Published 06 February 14 10:08 by RE/MAX Lake Cowichan


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