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Located on Hwy 18 along the north side of Cowichan Lake heading west to Youbou.





              Marble Bay Cottages

Are you looking for a perfect location for your recreational home? One that's affordable, private, with beach and lake access? You've found it! Phase 3 containing large new lots, from 1/4 acre to over 1 1/2 acres, fully serviced, are now available. Many have beautiful views of Lake Cowichan and the surrounding mountains. All have private access to a 4.5 acre waterfront park complete with beach, swimming & picnic areas as well as moorage space for your boat

Spectacular new lots are now for sale
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The “Penny Lane” project offered by the Imagine Group
presents a wonderful tranquil venue for recreational or full time living.
This strata title project offers 12 tastefully appointed riverside cottages.

Owners will also enjoy over 120 feet of common riverfront
on the historic Cowichan River.
The dock equally shared between the 12 units provides a great setting
for fly fishing, coffee sipping or simply relaxing and
absorbing the wonderful ambiance


History of Penny Lane

This property was first developed in the 1920’s as a fishing & hunting camp
 attracting guests from all over the world.
During this time drift boats were stored and repaired on the property.
In the 1940’s additional cottages were added and the property
became a popular vacation stop for visitors wanting
to get away from it all and to enjoy the great outdoors.
In recent years the great grandson of the original developer
has operated the property as a recreational / waterfront cabin rental.
In October of 2007 the Imagine group purchased the business
and is now offering to share this unique property by providing
for sale 12 strata cottages
including 120 feet of common riverfront and dock.

This project is a phased development.
There will be seven phases overall realizing a total of 12 cottages....

Phase One
Units 1 & 2

Fully Detatched 1 & 2 Bedrooms

Phase Two
Units 3 & 4
Fully Renovated 2 Bedrooms
(Photo's unavailable at this time)

Phase Three
Units 5 & 6

Semi Detached Units - Directly Overlooking the Cowichan River

Phase Four
Unit 7

Detached Unit - Directly overlooking the Cowichan River

Phase Five
Unit 8 & 9

Semi Detatched Units with Loft - 2 Bedroom 

 Phase Six
Unit 10 & 11

Detatched Units - 2 Bedroom

Phase Seven
Unit 12

Detatched Unit with Loft - 2 Bedroom







  This could well be a benchmark subdivision for Honeymoon Bay,
a quaint little town on the Southern Shore of Lake Cowichan. 

The development is evolving into a project in harmony with nature, a place that does not want to overwhelme the Land but tries to be a part of it.  See the Design guidlines to fully appreciate the wishes of the developers.  These people want this to be their place to relax and recreate, a place to take the time to unwind and recharge.  When we respect and embrace ourselves and our environment  we can begin to fully appreciate the special beauty that is ours. 
 This area enjoys the full spectrum of the sun in the Summer months, July 1st I noted the sun was up at 6 am and did not set  until after 9pm, there is no mountain shadow to block out the last rays of the day. 
 We are meeting with a geo thermal specialists to learn about the impact and economic viability of using this clean heating/cooling resource.  If every one was interested we could get a very good deal on it.  The docks where placed at the instruction of our local Fish Habitat expert.  With prices starting at $289,000 including a dock you will not find a better value anywhere on the Lake. 
The owners have received special permission to camp on the property for two years to fully appreciate the the best position to build your house in, that which creates privacy and ultimate living conditions for you.  The developer is also a builder who will offer all the new home warranty's at a competitive price, however you are free to create your own plans subject to their approval. 
This gated community will likely evolve into a families Retirement Mecca, a safe haven on the Sunny Shores of Cowichan Lake.  It can be as green as the 16 people decide it is going to be.  There are so many subtle ways a person can embrace the minimalization of their carbon foot print and through free will and neighbourly co-operation it can thrive and be a leading edge way of life, a place to teach the children Respect for the Land.
Come be a part of the solution.  Call for your tour.
Sandy Stinson

 Hopper Design, LLC
Curved Contemporary Home

This design can substantially reduce your non-renewable energy needs.
The curving south facade enhances direct passive solar gain in winter in morning and late afternoon by extending the available time of collection. The south facing roofs are ideally sloped to allow for the possibility of achieving zero net energy. We place active solar thermal and solar electric systems on the roof (photovoltaics not shown in photograph below). The solar thermal system is in the center bay for all year collection and the photovoltaics are distributed on the roof so as to enhance solar gain over the course of the day. The house can be built to allow these active solar systems to be added at a later date. The wing to the east contains a greenhouse, utility, workshop and two car garage. 


The Curved Contemporary design captures early morning and late evening sunlight. Compared to a flat faced facade, the curved design provides a 2% averaged gain in passive solar heating throughout the heating season. During deep winter it collects a little less energy but as we get away from the winter solstice the curved design performs significantly better. For example, on the spring solstice the curved design collects roughly 17% more passive solar energy than a flat design



Lot Number

Lake Cowichan - $699,000




This Lake Cowichan lakefront home is a great real estate investment opportunity. The house is set on almost an acre of land. Majestic firs line the pathway down to a beach that could be on the cover of a travel magazine.

The lakefront property is situated in Youbou, British Columbia in
a prominent area on Lake Cowichan called Saseenos Point. The lot boasts full southern exposure, a clean beautiful beach with dock, and a cabana that sleeps four. Great for entertaining on the beach.


The home is approximately 1,800 sq ft. featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, wood stove, vaulted ceilings and loads of rustic charm. This beachfront home has a 2 car carport and large undeveloped area suitable for a shop or suite. There is also a detached workshop