RE/MAX® of Lake Cowichan
About Me
Sandy Stinson

I grew un in Ontario, starting in the far southern tip with my family ending up in northern Ontario on the historic French river the original Champlaine Route, that lead down the Nipissing to Georgian Bay, perhaps it was no mistake that after a couple of years searching the West Coast I landed in my husbands lap on the Historic Cowichan River. 
Buck was working for the forest service and it was not long before I found a job at the Youbou Mill, 650 guys and 3 girls, working everything from the green chain, resaw breakdown, to the Hog and the sidewinder on the booms, eleven years later I quit to have a family. 
We had our Meg and a few years later along came John and Sam (our girl and boy twins) and then shortly after our wee Brittany decided we should be her parents as well.  We were blessed.  This kept us busy for a few years and then a friend got me started in Property Management, this worked out for our family as I could often take the kids with me and once they started school I could work around their hours. 
I got licensed in 1993 but stuck to property management until 1998 as the market was poor in the our little world until then. 
Since then my life has revolved around Real Estate, it is a very demanding job filled with high emotion as we are dealing with peoples most important investment, we Canadians take our homes very seriously.  I was fortunte
to have done the Property Management first as it introduced me to many folks who would later want to sell, and I got to know the little secrets of some of these houses and the the basic lay of the land.  Because we are in a valley and have many rivers, creeks and of course our Cowichan Lake, there are some spots that have potential to flood, or perhaps the waterfront is not has good as others areas, or the sun just does not spend much time there  ect.
Our Children are now almost out on their own, just finishing up their last year of
College for two with business and psychology majors  and the oldest is going on to be a Nurse Practioner  while our son is working on the Oil Rigs and collecting tickets as he works.   We could not be more proud of each of them, they have turned into good people. 
Like many we are now looking towards retirement, Buck would like to retire sooner than later while I feel I am just hitting my stride, but would like to take more vacations. I am a 'Eco Broker' and am learning more about what it really means to live lightly on the land, my dream is to be a part of creating a little
community of like minded self sufficient people, perhaps some sort of strata so that we can all keep what is ours , ours, but have some really fun shared things
much in the spirit of what Stratas where originally developed for, but with a country flair.
Lake Cowichan is a perfect place to live for 10 months of the year, just a couple of months where it would be great to go to a sunnier climate.
I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to a Very special place,
The Cowichan Valley.


              the four agreements - miguel ruiz website
   The Four Agreements  
          Don Miguel Ruiz
Be impeccable with your word. 
Speak with integrity, say only what you mean, do not speak against others or your self, don't be part of the blame game
Do not take anything personally
nothing others do is because of you, it is a projection of their own dream when you are immune to the opinions of others you will not be the victim of needless suffering
Do not make assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want, communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstanding, sadness and drama
Aways do your best
Your best will change from day to day, you may be ill or tired but do your best and you will avoid all self judgement and self abuse and regret